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How Green Cleaning Teams Can Clean Your Home Using Only Natural Products

With fears rising over the harmful effects of chemicals found in household sprays and cleaning products, green cleaning services and techniques are becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout the country.

It is well known that green cleaning companies do not use harmful air fresheners or chemical based sprays. But what are some of the natural products that green cleaning companies use when tackling household dirt and grime, and for what purpose are they best used?

A Clean Kitchen Using Only Lemons
Lemon juice is famous for its natural cleaning powers and has for many decades been a reliable cleaning product. Many local green cleaning companies use it throughout the kitchen, as it is a natural bleaching agent and an effective disinfectant. Kitchen taps, oven hops and work surfaces all some up clean and fresh once cleaned with lemon juice and a touch of water. What's more, a lemon is a lot cheaper than a kitchen spray.

Professional green cleaners will be able to get even the most dirty kitchen area looking and feeling fresh with just a few dabs of lemon juice here and there.

Sparkling and Fresh Toilets and Ovens Thanks to Some Vinegar

Vinegar, due to its acidity, is a great all round cleaner that effectively kills germs and bacteria around the home. Most commonly, green cleaning teams will use it to remove stains from the toilet bowl by pouring it into the toilet, leaving it overnight and then flushing in the morning. It is also effective at cleaning ovens, microwaves and removing tea and coffee stains on mugs and cups.

Newspaper Cleaned Mirrors and Windows
It is not an old wives' tale. Newspaper mixed with a splash of water and vinegar will get any shiny surface sparkling. Not only will cleaning mirrors and windows with this method save on buying harmful sprays, but it is a great way of using old newspapers in an environmentally friendly way before they are recycled.

These natural products are many green cleaning companies' secret weapons. Expert cleaners use these everyday products and combine them with a range of techniques to make your home a spray and bleach free zone that is hygienic and fresh smelling all year round.

First Class Cleaning and Maintenance Limited is the fastest growing cleaning company in Essex and has been trading for almost five years. Director Laura Carey is a member of ISSA and an NVQ Asessor. One of her aims is to make the cleaning profession more highly perceived by encouraging customers to choose cleaning professionals - those who have undertaken studies in subjects such as cleaning science - which she believes will be highly beneficial to health and environmental issues on a large scale.